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Privacy Statement

We, Hotel Diana Co., Ltd. (also here in after referred to as the “Company”), use our best efforts to protect your privacy and personal information, and to that end the Company is committed to complying with the Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Networks and Protection of Information Act (the “Information and Communication Networks Act”), the Privacy Protection Act and all other relevant laws and regulations. This Privacy Policy is posted for public access on the Company’s website( you can be well informed of what we do to protect your personal information.


This Privacy Policy may be revised or updated from time to time according to changes to pertinent laws, government policies or the Company’s internal regulations and we will immediately notify you of such revisions or updates in order that you can be readily aware there of.


The Company’s Privacy Policy contains the following:


1. Items to Be Collected; and Methods of Collection


2. Collection of Personal Information; Purposes of Collection;


3. Disclosure and Sharing of Collected Personal Information


4. Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information


5,6 Retention and Destruction of Personal Information


7. Rights and Obligations of Users and Exercise of Rights


8. Measures for Security of Personal Information




1,2. Collection of Personal Information;


Purposes of Collection;


Items to Be Collected; and Methods of Collection


A. we collect your personal information as may be required to identify you and provide hotel reservation system. The personal information to be collected by the Company is as follows:


<hotel reservation>


Korean name, English name, e-mail address, contact number


<Personal information collected in automatic>


your IP address, service-use history and billing information (i.e., credit card number, bank account number, gift card number, mobile-service payment authorization code, etc.)


<Payment information>


-by card: User's name, amount, e-mail address, contact number.


B. We collect your personal information from your reservation


on our website and by means of written notices, facsimile or phone communications, for reservation, E-mail.




3. Disclosure and Sharing of Collected Personal Information


We will not use or disclose to any third party any of your personal information, without your consent or except as required by law, for purposes other than those intended hereunder and specified herein.


- Where your personal information is to be disclosed or shared, we will seek your consent in advance by notifying you by email or otherwise in writing of what items of such information will be disclosed or shared, whom the information will be disclosed to or shared with, why it should be disclosed or shared, and how and how long it will be protected and managed. The same procedures will apply in case the information recipient is changed.


-Your personal information may be disclosed without your consent in accordance with applicable provisions of relevant laws:


- when needed to perform a contract relating to the provision of services;


- when duly and reasonably requested by an investigation authority for investigation purposes; or


- Recipient(disclosed to)> :-INFOBANK, -INICIS


- Information items : Full name, mailing address, contact number,e-mail address, and billing information(i.e., credit card number, bank account number), IP address, service-use history




4.Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information


The Company, for the provision of its services, has outsourced the handling of personal information on a contract basis as follow:


<Outsourced to > <Outsourced Service> <Period of Disclosure>


-INFOBANK. -SMS TEXT MESSEGES Until the end of the contract


INICIS Card or Cash Payment System Until the end of the contract




5. Retention of Personal Information


The Company will retain your personal information until the purposes of collection or disclosure of such information are accomplished and will destroy your personal information immediately when such purposes are accomplished or upon the expiration of a retention period permitted by your consent. The times when we are required to destroy your personal information are as follows:.


- In the case abolition of business: Notwithstanding the foregoing, when any of your personal information needs to be retained under relevant laws or internal regulations, we may retain such information


(i) for a period of three


(3) years if it pertains to the handling or resolution of complaints or disputes.


(i) for a period of five


(5) years if it pertains to the revocation of contracts or subscriptions;


(iii) for a period of five


(5) years if it relates to the supply of goods or services and payments therefor





6. Destructionof Personal Information


Your personal information will be destroyed by the following procedures and methods:


- Paper-printed information is destroyed with a paper shredder or through a shredding service provider.


- Electronically stored information is permanently deleted in a technically irretrievable manner.



7. Rights and Obligations of Users and Exercise of Rights


-You have the right at any time to view, correct or delete your registered personal information, have it corrected or deleted, have its processing suspended or withdraw your consent to the use and disclosure thereof, directly on the Membership Information page of our website or by contacting our Privacy Officer in writing, by telephone (at 02-2625-2000) or by email, in which case we will respond forthwith after identity verification.


-If you request that we correct an error in your registered personal information, such information will not be employed or disclosed until such correction is made accordingly. Where any incorrect part of your personal information has been disclosed to any third party, we will have it corrected by giving immediate notice to such third party.



8. Measures for Security of Personal Information


In handling your personal information, we use our best efforts to prevent such information from being lost, stolen, leaked, falsified or damaged by taking the following technical, administrative and physical measures for security assurance:


- Encryption of personal information


Your personal information is password-protected and stored and managed in encrypted form. All data is encrypted for transmission and other important data is protected by separate security features.


- Technical measures against hacking


Personal information is protected by security software for the prevention of leakage, damage or tampering due to hacking or computer virus infection, and the software is periodically updated and tested. All systems are installed in access-controlled areas and technically and physically monitor and block access from outside.




# Privacy Officer


The Company has appointed the following department and persons to be responsible for protecting its customers’privacy and personal information and for gathering their opinions and handling their complaints:


Customer Service Center: Kim, Dong-hyun


Phone Number: 010-5244-6482





- We value your opinion and feedback, and you are always entitled to have your questions answered in a serious fashion. We have set up a customer service hotline to effectively communicate with our customers.


[ Customer Service Center ] Contact number: 82-2-2625-2000



If you want to report a breach of your privacy or seek advice thereon, please contact:


- The Privacy Complaint Center (via or at 118);


- The Supreme Prosecutors' Office High-tech and Financial Crimes Investigation Division (via or at 02-3480-2000); or


- The National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (via or at 02-392-0330).