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Leisure Sports
  • Gwangmyeong Doc:Ieoksan Camping Site

    This camping site, located in south-west hillsides of Dodeoksan Mountain, is popular with visitors having 42 camping spaces with a pool with ease. It is the space that you can taste a true healing course for one night in the forest being in full of trees and birds.

    Area : 8,530㎡
    Time : 14:00 ~ next day 11:00
    Charge : KRW 33,000
    Reservation : Internet Resevation (
    Telephone : +82- 2-899-8030
    Location : 69. Bamiran-ro 42beon-gil
    Homepage :

  • Gwangmyeong Sneednm

    With an area of 75,444m' (10 times the size of a football field) Gwangmyeong Speedom is Korea's largest bicycle race track, the mecca of Korean bicycle culture. The modern, asymmetrical circle-structured exterior of the building, designed after a cyclist's helmet, is reminiscent of a UFO. As a leisure and cultural complex, it serves as a venue for diverse entertainments such as race watching, a gallery, bicycle races, inline skating, basketball, walking in the ecological park, etc. The cycle races take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    By free shuttle bus - 20m away from Exit 3 of Daerim Station
    (Subway Line No.2) fin front of Exit 1 of Cheonwang Station
    (Subway Line No.7) Fridays - Sundays (Every 10-30 min))
    Contact +82- 2-2067-5114(5000),1577-1900
    * The operating hours and admissions differ for each facility, including the Speed om
    (for tours of the velodrome) and gallery, therefore advance inquiries should be made.

  • Gymnasium

    Gymnasium located at 577, Haan-dong, Gwangmyeong City is athletic facility having parking lot, park greens, grass playground, artificial rock wall, health center, and geometrical-structured gymnasium that can accept 5,000 persons the most. It opened on December 4, 1993. Gymnasium, which is the only athletic facility for 350,000 Gwangmyeong citizens, is operated as a field of activating life athletics to improve the physical strength of citizens, field training place of athletes, and field for national-scale games and athletic events. Also, to satisfy demands of citizens and use leisure time and cultural life, it develops various programs, and is operated as opened athletic space for citizens.

    [ artificial rock wal ]
    Open hours (Tue~Fri) :12:00~22:00   Sat, Sun, Holyday : 11:00~19:00
    Close hour : Every Monday
    Charge : ( Tue~Fri ) KRW 1,500 / (Sat, Sun, Holyday) KRW 1,800

    Location : Ori-ro 703
    Telephone : +82- 2-2680 - 2888
    Homepage :
    Public transport (bus) : 2, 3, 11-2, 12, 17, 22, 27, 503, 504, 5536, 5714, 6014