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Tourist Attraction
  • Gwangmyeong Cave

    When you think of a "cave," you might imagine a natural cave. But Gwangmyeong Cave is the only man-made one in the capital area. The cave was developed in 1912 during the Japanese colony. Up until 1931, gold, silver, bronze, iron, brass were exploited to manufacture weapons during the Greater East Asia War and became the greatest metal mine of in the capital area as a center of Korea economic construction after liberation from Japan. Due to flood, it was closed in 1972. In 2011 it was open again for citizens after 40 years of closure. It's been a century to reopen. Let's keep an eye on Gwangmyeong Cave in order to enjoy the space of culture and arts.

    Location : 27 Gahak-dong, Gwnamyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Telephone : +82- 2- 2680-6550
    Homepage :
    Public transport (bus) : 17(Get off at Gwangmyeong Cave), 11-2(Get off at 52 Division)

  • Gwangmyeong Upcycle Art Center

    Upcycle is a compound word of 'Upgrade󰡑 and 󰡐Recycle󰡑 and it means that, from upgrading a former recycling into a better step of adding artistic value on waste resources, it is born again as a new art and product.
    Gwangmyeong Upcycle Art Center is a cultural art space for citizens with a variety of exhibitions, design education, and concerts. So Eco Edu Center is newly built as a solely design education space with remodelling a publicity building which hasn't been used in resource recovery facilities of Gwanmyeong-si.

    Location : 142 Resource Recycle Facility, Gahakro85bun-gil, Gwangmyeong-si,
    Telephone : +82- 2-2680-6952,0700
    Transportation :
    Bus 17 at Cheolsan Station of line 7 or Gwangmyeong KTX Station and get off at Gwangmyeong Cave Terminal
    Homepage :

  • Anteo Eco Park

    Anteo Eco Park is restored to be an inland wetland to protect the habitat of Korean golden frog (endangered wild animal 2 level as to the protection law of Environment Department) in the inner city. 7 kinds of reptile including Korean golden frog live and 66 kinds of plants including lesser cattail grow and 6 kinds of fish including fighting fish and 27 kinds of poultry including an Indian water hen live and every kind of animal and plant live abundantly. Park has a variety of program. You can observe living insects, reptile, and plants and experience collecting butterfly, dragonfly, stinkbug, and grass hopper. Observation is free but apply for a program by Internet.

    Location : 27 Anjae-ro1beon-gil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Telephone : 02-2619-1050
    Public Transportation(BUS): 503, 504, 5534, 5535, 5536, 5630, 5714, 6635