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Cultural Heritage
  • Ori Yi Won-ik's Head Residence Gwanagamdang House

    The only head residence of Joseon dynasty is Chunghyeon Museum, Gwangamdang and Yi Won-ik's Head Residence which were bestowed by a king to a great official, Ori Yi Won-ik(1547~1634), who was a representative public servant of mid-Joseon Dynasty. After his retirement, he lived in a two-bedroom straw-roofed house which was rained in. In 1630 King let the governor of Gyeonggi build Gwangamdang. In 1906 it was restored as a traditional Korean house with a detached house. Its plaque was Gwangamdang(觀感堂) which means the house that all the people should see and learn in memory of Yi Won-ik's integrity. In the east side of Gwangamdang, Head Residence was restored in 1919 with the main building which has 13 rooms and a gate-section house built in 1990. They're located as a square shape.

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    Ori Yi Wonik(1547-1634), residing in the house of the head family for the last part of his life, tried to build Ihyeonsa, a shrine dedicated to Gang Gamchan and Seo Gyeon, but he could not realize his desire. Later, in about 1658(ninth year of King Hyojong's reign) rich farmers of the region erected Samhyeonsa, a shrine dedicated to Yi Wonik as well as the two sages. In 1676(second year of King Sukjong's reign), Samhyeonsa became a saaekseowon ("Confucian academy named by a king"), and was called Chunghyeonseowon after receiving a hanging board with the new name on it from King Sukjong. Chunghyeon Museum is committed to succeeding and developing the Chunghyeonseowon.

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    You can see the country's various traditional fans.
    Metal contact of the Goryeo Dynasty fan, fant handwritten calligraphy of Chusa Kim Jung Hee are on display.

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